Around the clock assistance

Celtouch’s technical support team is available around the clock via email and can be reached at the support center. Celtouch’s service infrastructure is located in multiple tier data centers, with multiple optical fiver internet links. The data center are over engineered to provide redundancy at every possible point of failure.
This includes multiple high speed feeds to the Internet backbone, re-generated power to ensure power purity, batteries generators in case of power failures, storm proof facilities and more… Celtouch believes that the success of its clients is its own success, therefore the technical team is always available to help clients reach that shared success.
Celtouch provides complete and detailed documentation concerning its services and its platform. All technical aspects concerning the VAS platform are detailed inside the documentation, which is sent to the partner after all administrative and financial aspects are covered


SLA for accurate implementation

Most services that are launched are pre-approved by the operator. After all the necessary steps are taken, A service launch application, containing the customers requests, is filled by Celtouch and sent to the operators for implementation.

NDA To protect everyone’s rights

All contracts are ususally signed after the signature of an NDA, to ensure that all the creations and rights are protected, from both sides.