About Us

Celtouch is a mobile aggregation company in Nigeria specialising in Bulk Messaging, OTP Messaging, USSD and Subscription Services.

Our objective is to leverage the large market potential of Nigeria through mobile communications and payments.

Our focus is quality of service in opposed to cost of service where stability and reliability is key.

Products & Services

Celtouch is integrated in to a variety of messaging gateways both in mobile VAS and digital. All gateways are aggregated into our client API for direct access and control.

VAS Products
• Short Code

• API Access
• Development Solutions
• Subscription Services

Product Details

The oldest and simplest form of communication, still widely used globally on GSM networks for both communication and bulk marketing.
We provide access to:
• Bulk SMS
• OTP / Financial SMS

USSD is an interactive two-way communication session with any GSM headset allowing you to interact in real time with the user. Perfect for surveys and interactive sessions.
We provide access to:
• Premium USSD
• NI USSD (Push)

Short Codes
Also known as Premium Rated SMS. Short Codes are an easy to remember number that users can engage with keywords. This is a great way to receive client engagement and is often used in lead generation, information requests and subscription services.
We provide access to:
• Standard short codes
• Premium rated short codes


API Access
Celtouch offers a simple and lightweight API and will assist in all integrations. This reduces the turn around time and cost to access out platforms.

Development Solutions
Celtouch offers different solutions to handle different problems. We understand that not all channels and applications work everywhere, and we tailor our solutions to maximize the effectiveness of your communications and payments wherever its needed.

Subscription Services
Celtouch can enable subscription services for compliant companies who wish to make us of carrier based billing mechanisms. We will assist in the registration and setup of services.